Again limited to just 700 copies and pressed up on 7 inches of coloured wax with an additional bonus CD of extended mixes, guest remixes, live renditions and various odds n’ sods – ‘Coltrane’ finds both Superfjord and the Earthling Society on opposite sides of vinyl smoking out the grooves with some seriously wired sonic investigations in to the Coltrane musical legacy with the former setting sights on John Coltrane’s ‘a love supreme’ and the latter re-trimming Alice’s ‘journey in satchidananda’. The release by all accounts a fortuitous accident of sorts with the FdM receiving the Superfjord cut a little while back and unable to find a way to release it. Step in Earthling Society whose freaked cover of the Alice classic was the highlight of their recent Riot Season opus ‘england have my bones’ and still by our reckoning one of the finest tracks we’ve heard all year – was heard by Keith FdM. He recalled that lost Superfjord nugget and suddenly an idea was hatched – get the Earthling ones to trim their cover to fit a possible seven. The blighters however had beaten him to the punch and handed over a new pre-prepared ‘cosmic joy mix’ – and so back he was in touch with Superfjord who by happy coincidence had re-tweaked their mix. And so a seven was born.  Quite possibly the most stoned out and blissful outing on FdM  if that is you don’t count Astralasia’s return from the wilderness early this year.  Earthling Society’s new revisioning of ‘Satchidananda’ is a tripping cornucopia of sound and colour that veers into heart of 70’s trip-a-delic krauts Embryo albeit as though mushied up on the woozy wig flipped vibes tripping from the grooves of the Walking Seeds ‘bad orb…whirling ball’ and so far out and mind fried in transcendental textures that where it not for nailing the blighters down beforehand then various bits of your listening space start dissolve and dissipate into gaseous lysergic hazes. As to Superfjord – they hold their end up sublimely to cook up a fringe parting psychotropic dream coat which for the best part sounds as though its time tunnelled its way from a late 60’s happening having fallen out of the back of the magic bus, a head expanding stereophonic trip pill that ought to turn on the magic mushroom band and astralasia purists along with anyone who ever subscribed to the hallucinogenic ambi-psych tones eked out by the much missed Delirium imprint in the early 90’s – far out.

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