okay admittedly this has been out for a while but this just has to be heard it is immense and guaranteed to leave you struck dumb in awe and disbelief that somehow perhaps you have survived thus far through life’s daily grind without having this at your shoulder to offer solace and escape. Seriously I’ve played this twice, cried 6 times and quite frankly – hate to get maudlin on you – but elevated it to the top of the records at my funeral playlist – it could well be the last record – that good – I’ll go as far as to say I’ve not been this blown away by a track since hearing Peel playing Bang Bang Machine’s ‘geek love’ – the extended mix – for the first time. The atmospherics, the resonance, that sense that you are in the company of something truly monumental, emotionally unravelling, statuesque and beyond mere pop / sound.  Conveying a multitude of moods and feelings that veer from loss – hope – and the nothingness of it all – this bleakly beautiful honey – incidentally titled ‘no dreams’ – is as unreal as it is ethereal, a polar opposite of my bloody valentine, spectral, fragile and divinely minimalist in craft and technique and without doubt informed by the noise core purists emanating from New Zealand in the late 80’s and with that possessed of a reverential gravitas that suggests a celestial visitation has passed your way. It’s by Noveller – in essence one Sarah Lipstate who I believe is visiting Europe on tour, should you get the chance I suggest you drop everything and make the necessary pilgrimage to see her.     


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