Okay I know for a fact that somewhere in our inbox – around the time we went off radar – we got something from Birdpen which we really will endeavour over the coming days to root – now I mention all this – as not only a heads up to possible Birdpen happenings here but also to note that this particular lovely from Walt Time records (who you may recall released that spiffing Chin of Britain set) really does have a certain charm of them about its wares albeit as though dinked and trimmed with the aftertaste of dark captain light captain. That said you won’t be too surprised to hear we’ve mislaid the press release with all the usual handy to know gubbins – but it’s by Firestations – it’s called ‘forgetful man’ and it’s their new single due very soon i think). Pretty smart it is to if that is your listening preferences extend back to those early Swimmer one singles, subtle electro buzzes pulsed upon a delicately alluring clockwork motif and finitely smoked with a coolly shimmered caress that teasingly whittles its way beneath your defences with an arresting and breezily understated pure pop prowess. Over on the flip the same cut given a bit cloudy treatment and jettisoned far out into the cosmic realms whereupon it acquires something of a lights lowered snow falling kind of feel good warmth, deceptively tasty in short. Alas no links just yet……


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