the ephemeral Man

One of these days we will get around to devoting the hours deserved in covering / featuring Leigh Wright’s hugely informative Wyrd Daze multi media resource – later this missive in fact we’ll be scouting over a recent Alrealon Musique special. Aside the Wyrd Daze project though and before it was even conceived Mr Wright frequented record world with all manner of strangeness and weirdness as the Ephemeral Man peppering listening device with left field ambient / electronic sound scapes. After a somewhat lengthy sabbatical he returns with the quite remarkable and impressive ‘Endless’ which by his usually standards is beautifully inclined and dare we say romantically trimmed in the silken swathing of neo classicist sighsand the kind of widescreen tempting more associated with Thomas newman a la ‘the adjustment bureau’ which just when you think it’s going to go all Floydian raptures suddenly pulls back from the brink resetting itself on a loop that both charms and mesmerises the listener. Of course this being the Ephemeral Man matters have a habit of turning decidedly dark with fearful portent looming obliquely at its close.

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