roadside picnic

At present Justin Wiggan is about to commence a lengthy project titled ‘Life Echo’ – in essence a collaboration with both the Ikon Gallery and the John Taylor Hospice with a viewpoint to enhancing studies into the creating of phonic maps with the ultimate aim of providing personalised aural photo albums documenting feelings, memories, narrative recollections and thoughts left by deceased loved ones for future generations. For more details go to

Loosely related to the life echo project and in collaboration with jehu and chinaman’s splinter imprint plastic tonez set up purely for this particular project, Mr Wiggan has embarked on a 10 album odyssey which as the author himself describes is’ about the phonic residue of memory’. Beyond that he gives little all else away except to say that each of these chosen albums – all records that have inspired or moved Wiggan at some point – have been treated to a seriously limited run – all pressed up in cassette format each in a pressing of just 10 with no plans to reprint. ‘hounds of love’ and ‘unknown pleasures’ have – we are reliably told – been completed and are awaiting their turn in the light, which neatly leads me to ‘suddenly burn so pale’ which without warning or fanfare has literally just appeared on his face book page. Of course if like me, title alone is ringing bells of a ‘bright eyes’ kind you’d be right – though for its 5 minute duration you’d scarcely be able to recognise it as such for it is very loosely that same song here twisted and stretched into a deeply mesmeric hymnal fugue which to these ears sounds as though it’s been shaped through the clever manipulation of the vocals / chorals which give it an almost glassy like celestial visitation aura.

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