roadside picnic

And as we’ve gone this far we may as well mention ‘shrhrtattck’ which for those who understand / decipher text speak in its dis-envowelled state is short for ‘sheer heart attack’ – oh yes – ‘sheer heart attack’ as in Queen’s finest hour. Remodelled, rephrased and well – quite frankly – turned in out upside down so that it comes back re-channelled anew. This is the first release in the plastic tones series – all gone I’m afraid there were just 10 cassettes pressed – even I haven’t got one – and I’m wounded. Now don’t quote me on this but I’m suspecting that this has been loosely influenced or at the very least triggered by Phillip Glass’ revisioning of Bowie’s ‘low’ – a total rebranding blessed by a modern classical treatment with operatic overtones stirred in Stockhausen / Moondog motifs and traced at times to the kind of symphonic eloquence that you usually find coursing through the grooves of Sakamoto’s more minimalist suites- of course you do have to render that with a large of Wiggan-esque craft which of course in turn me it’s all despatched in his own uniquely out there subterannic creative hand. But its hearing Mercury’s vocals from ‘tenement funster’ isolated that that proves the game changer and as such sends a chill and sets this particular project into the realms of something else, of course you get the slyly subtle clicks of ‘killer queen’, occasional dronal tide, (is the start the oddly out of sequenced intro to ‘save me’ we wonder), the application of phased celestial bell chimes add gravitas while the Cornelius like fantasia accentuating the sound collage around the 16 minute mark instil a trippy playfully teased lightness. Word is afoot that re-animations of Joy Division’s ‘unknown pleasures’ and Kate Bush’s ‘hounds of love’ are in the bag and ready to go.

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