the orielles

Now I might get accused quite often – music wise –  of being forgetful more than occasionally not so much breaking promises but falling below expectations, it’s not deliberate its more the nature of the beast doing this write up lark. That said while we might forget names, titles etc…sounds and information tit bits we do not, they are in there somewhere – deep in the grey matter – it’s just finding the key to unlock them and drag them back. So we get an email, as it happens from swirly records, they have a release imminent by a young band by the name the Orielles. So far so good – or so you’d think. Only it goes on to say they are a trio – 2 sisters – one bloke hailing from Halifax / Liverpool. A feint but audible bell rings and somewhere in my head space a light goes on. We try thumbing through old reviews. Can we find a reference, can we hell as like. We are not easily beaten. I swear we’ve happened upon these dudes before. A little bit of digging reveals they used to be the Oreoh’s and this time last year we had the pleasure of falling head over heels in adoration of a 4 track demo in particular its parting shot ‘midnight in Paris’. Fast forward 12 months and the trio, now with new name are about to release a ridiculously limited 100 only cassette via Swirly featuring two new cuts ‘yawn’ and ‘deduce’ (a version of which featured on that aforementioned demo set). Clipped in bitter sweet after glows and softly shimmered in the kind of delicately sensitive riff opines that used to speckle releases by the Sunday’s and Frente, there’s a subtle and desirably demurring tropical sea breeze coursing through the whole of ‘yawn’ that’s both sultry and seducing, breathlessly light and traced in an affectionately lazy lilt the sweet hazy recollection of Peel favourites the Sidleys are called to mind albeit dappled deceptively in a dainty 60’s glazing to which admirers of both the Heartthrobs and Strawberry Switchblade may well have cause to have flashbacks. We want one do you hear.

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