cousin silas

If we think on (I say this as a cautionary note because the amount of stuff we get flying past our way there are always releases we bookmark to come back to at a later moment but somehow regretful forget to) we will revisit this for fuller inspection. Frankly you need to get onto this. Now I’m fairly certain that thus far Cousin Silas hasn’t as yet troubled our ear space which given he’s been plying his trade for some ten years has troubled us considerably. However he is currently being celebrated by a double disc set from the we are all ghosts imprint – their first physical outing by all accounts. Simply titled ‘the sound of silas’ it gathers together a side of rare releases and pairs them up with a full disc worth of new ambient symphonies. So far we’ve just had time to sample a brief smattering of what’s on offer and it’s safe to say this is perfect for all those who subscribe to the delicate tonalities of the Cathedral Transmissions and Hidden Shoal families, shortest cut here – the opening salvo ‘in one corner of the sky’ is a key twinkled bitter sweet neo classical sleeper intimately drawn and beautifully crafted not to say delicately possessed of a mellowing sepia daubed majesty that tenderly freefalls into the soft spectral ache of Antonymes. Breathlessly beguiling.

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