Ah Goat, a review of their ‘commune’ is currently simmering on the to do review back plate, yes I know everyone and their pet has been all over it like a rash but hey we were late to the party and anyway we’ve been so blown away that frankly we had begun to forget the point of having it on our turntable in the first place. So to kind of make amends here’s the official video for the Swede psych alchemists ‘hide from the sun’ cut, a full on Technicolor trip awash in swarthy sitars carving snake charmed swirls in your headspace atop fried and freaky flashbacks daubed in oodles of mystical mosaics which gathered together to radiate  seductively like some kind of celebratory psych new dawn, the video’s equally weird and wired, animal masks and people jumping around in effervescently coloured onesies, very mighty boosh on a tripadelic wicker man pagan retreat type thing…….

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