michelle mininni vs rocket number nine

There was something oddly strange and ill-fitting hearing this at 4am in the morning, struggling to engage with the day after a fitful night’s sleep, there was something of the dark about its curvatures that were more suited to sun fading evening than the twilight haze greeting the advent of new morn, and any way still being sleepy headed desperate for that spark to bring me to, the last thing we needed was divine dream draped dub doped raptures. That was this morning, now the evening of the same day we ready ourselves to do battle with rocketnumbernine’s hypno-delic re-routing of Michelle Mininni’s ‘endless ceremony’ – a killer slab of head drifting it is to, once past the frazzled and freakish opening this soon blossoms and opens up both groove and mystic eye wise into a glorious trip wired mesmeric mosaic much recalling the kind of cool cuts eked out by the uncharted audio crew albeit demurred in an after hours sophisticat class – its out via curle recordings should you wish to enquire further, I suggest you do just that. https://soundcloud.com/curlerec/endless-ceremony-rocketnumber    

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