I must admit we’ve kind of lost touch with what’s happening with all things Postcode related of late, it’s a slight oversight which with a degree of prodding we’ll rectify in future happenings beginning as it happens with a mention of this nugget. Pulled – I think I’m right in saying from their ‘Zebratonic’ full length (in fact it is because I’ve just read so on the credits – do we have a copy of this – I suspect not). Anyhow ‘losing the battle’ is your certified shot of stereophonic shock treatment, all frazzled riffs and schizoid ram-a-lama masking what is essentially a bitter sweetly blistered slice of throw yourself around the room bubble groove effervescence which manages to shoehorn an array of musical memories of nights idling away listening to late night Peel transmissions with the likes of a pre Loveless era My Bloody Valentine, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and Bearsuit all in a squabbling melee with the adored and much missed Melys overseeing proceedings and holding the towels. Keep the video running to the very end and there are monkeys to, that is when everyone’s packed and gone.


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