the see see

New from Spring records and limited to just 300 7’s and sure to sell faster than it takes someone to say ‘new hopes of psych pop’ (okay that might be a little nip and tuck), the See See return with a new album – their third – ‘once, forever and again’ from whose grooves ‘song for Billy Nova’ gets an early call. A softly drifting slice of delicately sea breezed and shimmered paisley pop longingly dipped in mellowing dreamy hazes showered by crystalline riff sirens  that hint at endless summers, sound wise caught upon an intimacy and pristine craftsmanship that initially takes its cue from the slo-core perfection of the Clientele and the Relict before daubing your listening bliss with traces of Clock Strikes 13 and Oddfellows Casino to ultimately recline in the kind of classicism tucked amid the grooves of such legends as the Byrds and Left Banke.


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