the harrow

i mean really – this is getting beyond the ridiculous now, like how many times in recent months have those dudes at everything is chemical turned up the goodies and had us tripping over our tongues. Just when you thought they couldn’t top the high calibre release roster they appear at ease and without abandon to dispatch into record world then now comes the Harrow. This is drop dead gorgeous and I wouldn’t be too surprised to see this lot at some stage in the not too distant future being picked up by moon glyph and before long moving on to being a household name with the likes of bella union heading the chasing pack. With poise, precision and a post punk purposefulness, the minimalist shadow electro of ‘mouth to mouth’ immediately holds you in its icy glare from the word go, what first atmospherically chills like a ’81 winter playlist with B-Movie and Modern Eon slyly smouldering the austere airwaves soon thaws, unfurls and blossoms with the kind of fragile majesty that used to seduce those rarest of releases by Ex Post Facto. If anything flipside ‘ringing the changes’ edges matters ever so slightly in the affection stakes, all haloed in hushed ethereal chorals and bathed in a crystalline calm that imagines a ‘pornography’ era Cure shimmying up to a rather becalmed Chameleons with sly side traces of Tubeway Army filtering through the ether – and then without warning at 3.26 the sweet alluring arrest of a ‘garlands’ era Cocteau Twins comes to bathe all in jaw dropped seduction and bewitching ice tipped elegance. Stunning.

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