Available as a download, a limited cassette and an ultra rare limited tape version hand decorated with Hunter Gatherer dhiri rings which alas is sold out as source, Lykanthea’s latest EP ‘Migration’ is a ethereally epic release of pure ghostly beauty dimpled in stilled atmospherics, hushed tonalities and a serene chill tipped unworldliness which upon first approach should be high on the radar of those among you mourning the passing of Dead Can Dance. For those among you who’ve previously managed to saunter through the days completely unaware of her existence, Lykanthea is better known to family and friends as Italian based ambient composer Lakshmi Ramgopal. ‘migration’ her debut release came by our way courtesy of an adoring recommendation by Carolyn O’Neill who regular visitors to these pages will know as Alrealon Musique artist Rasplyn whose long promised debut full length incidentally is about to break cover at long last via the mythical imprint sometime November. The first of a series of planned releases inspired by the Sumerian Goddess Inanna, ‘migrations’ features five suites the first ‘Telos’ gently guiding you in Lykanthea’s mystical and elegiac world, a gorgeously sculptured slice of drifting dream drone emerging from twilight hazes sailing upon ghostly waves, the effect lulling, hypnotic almost hymnal sprays all around in a chill traced serene aura. ‘hand and eye’ – the most earthly pop treasure here is clipped in a surrendering feel good radiance dinked in cosmic whispers and the merest touch of electro minimalism while for ‘my sisters’ the mood somewhat sours between the sorrowed and the spellbinding – featuring the aforementioned Rasplyn on clarinet this aural apparition comes graced in a timeless grandeur shimmered in monastic chorals and flavoured in spectral folk florets themselves rooted deep down in our ancestral fabric to which sound and tonality wise draw favourable comparison with the much overlooked Preterite especially given the fact that at times it sounds not unlike some eerie soundtracking clarion the call of Charon as he transports the dead across Acheron. ‘Aphonia’ on the other hand is so sparse and almost airless you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a transmission from beyond the veil which at the 5 minute mark coalesces into unreal jubilant radiance leaving ‘parturition’ to guide you back to reality daubed in Oriental motifs, twinkling chimes, bowed drone recitals and a bathing of what can only be described as an at one with all peacefulness. In short beyond mere pop or sound – more an experience or more so a visitation.


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