ste mccabe

 Now here’s something of a rare treat, well we say rare treat because it’s been far too long since we had Ste McCabe occasion these pages, in fact not since the sadly missed days when we used to get releases from Cherryade flittering past our way. Self proclaimed spokesman for the queercore scene, Ste’s latest ‘cockroach’ finds a certain Billy Bragg muscling in on operations providing bleak political commentary on the desperate struggle of the have not’s at the hands of corporate greed with Mr McCabe, with tattered flag in hand, like some punk pied piper wading through the secret streets of the underclass summoning the massed ranks with insurgence in mind gathering the lost for one last uprising. Its sleazy, its dirty and hollowed in futility, a hopeless hurrah  riddled in desperation and defiance, the tunes not bad either, Mr McCabe the voyeuristic ringmaster sitting somewhere between Lupen Crook and Andi Sex Gang presiding over a dark carnival whose sense of abandonment cuts deep and painfully just love the operation scene in the video as the protagonist is literally bled dry, incidentally comes pulled from Mr McCabe’s new full length platter ‘brains of britain’.

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