the unseen

I swear I’m getting flashbacks of a ‘rosemary’s baby’ kind with this delectable slice of disturbia, pulled from – I believe – a forthcoming Reverb Worship release, it’s the Unseen (I think though quite likely the Holy tSee) with another of their lost soundtracks from banned 70’s horror films this one being ‘Mary’ from 1977 (‘the Goatman’ – another similarly lost slab of creepy horrorphonics  – will I promise appear here in these pages soon). From the moment the eerie creak of the rocking horse looms into earshot there’s no doubting your entering into shadowy worlds for ‘mary’s tea party’ is classic chill gripped turntable terror – the childlike dreamy lullaby montages, the swirling key carousels and that sense of innocent playful bewitchment mask a macabre subtext grounded in Brit Horror folklore, the point comes home to roost when you realise it visually soundtracks the killer daintily dancing around the dead carcasses of her victims, themselves dressed in party frocks.

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