sideshow sound theatre

Discovered on one of those sojourns through bandcamp world that we oft feel obliged to undertake, we discovered this delightful slice of kooky horror-phonia. Now I’m suspecting that this should be up the street at a reasonably quickened pace for all those among you who delighted in the back dropping score composed by Danny Elfman for ‘the nightmare before Christmas’. ‘greenhill manor’ is a highly listenable 17 strong suite gathered together by the Sideshow Sound Theatre information about whom is sadly lacking in our preliminary notes except to say we believe they / he / she are UK based. The sounds lurking here  so expressively crafted they have little need for words or imagery as they dance their macabre merriment around your ear space, okay admittedly it gets a bit obvious in as much as we’ve been playing close your eyes and guess the titles – so that the sound of a huffing and puffing locomotive greets – let me see – ah ‘ghost train’ – the onset of tribal tonalities – okay a little bit harder – emerges as ‘jungle jeebies’ which all said is a bit of a corker especially when mid way through without warning it assumes something of a Winston Giles Orchestra meets veering in Mancini styled cult tv montages. Somewhere else lurks ‘the park comes to life’ is spirited away by a deeply intoxicating carousel of ghostly pastorals and impish playcraft that sits somewhere between the dreamy incidentals of Edwin Astley’s sonic choreography for ‘randall and hopkirk’ and the theme signatures of Alfred Hitchcock. ‘tunnel of fear’ perhaps our second favourite moment here is traced to the kind obscure groove occasioned by the Trunk label and here I refer to Basil Kirchin while ‘Chasing Frankenstein’ is pure Raymond Scott orchestra in his pre electronic powerhouse pomp and ‘the dance of the Jaxk O’Lanterns’ enters the domain of ‘the sugar plum fairy’. So what’s your favourite moment I hear you ask – tis be the parting ‘….and then there was THIS’  a gorgeous wind and harpsichord flavoured fantasia daubed in mystery and enchantment trimmed in a sepia gauzing and subtly stressed in divine noir essences. A rare joyful experience and something that should prove of invaluable interest to admirers of the Magic Theatre.

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