roadside picnic / the taps

i suspect that we may have opened up a small can of worms with our recent mentioning of ‘Paul is Dead’ documentaries and the various conspiracy theorist videos posted up on you tube – the most notable being ‘the winged beetle’. In truth I’m not a geek neither a conspiracy theorist I’ve often considered these mediums being mainly for people who shall we agree to say just don’t want to play nicely with the rest of society. Furthermore I’m not particularly taken by the Beatles. So I’m guessing that the coincidence of these two factors make me an anti Christ in so people’s eyes, or worse still, normal. That said the weight of material here, the clinical examination and okay not quite – shall we say – strength of evidence, does beg the question of even the most devout sceptic – what if? Such conversation came to be today resulting several hours later in this. From Roadside Picnic comes ‘Faul (the blackest pepper)’- crafted together following a return ticket trip on the time tunnelling travel express – a sonic séance threaded together from the remnants of lost Beatles melody echoes dipped in celestial recitals and sun bursting sprays of euphoria peppered in ghostly apparitions of Strawberry Fields carousels and gouged in harsh white noise treatments upon an axis  where the age old struggle between good / light and evil / dark perpetually plays out, not I hasten to add for the faint of heart. – in addition those Roadside dudes also dug this caustic offering out for our listening pleasure it’s by the Taps a Dorchester based collective of extreme noise niks – the amusingly the titled ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Harsh Noise Band’ is – we warn you – best heard with the volume reduced to as low level as possible – a pure in your face acid bath of sound, absolutely mental stuff and disturbing with all backlashed loops processed through at speeds that bend dimensions and at a sonic velocity that melts speakers, the Beatles incidentally sounding through the sheer metallic skree storm  like a demonic Pinky n’ Perky – absoloutely essential listening. – we feel a twisted Pepper compilation hatching.    

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