wolf girl

Not that we need much excuse for the hurling and hoisting of bunting around the gaff, but I must admit missives reporting promised future happenings from those loveable people over at Soft Power records do have us happily purring and bringing out the table heading party cake with candles to boot in celebration. Incoming – next month as it happens – a limited 100 only cassette primed packed with lo-fi longing loveliness from London based Wolf Girl entitled ‘Mama’s boy’. Within sit five divinely dinked delights that sigh with C-86 affection and swoon misty eyed with a Sarah styled feistiness for here loved and lost Peel playlists of years passed are remodelled anew by these teen spirited scamps where fond reminiscent moments of ears a pressed  close to transistors adoring of the skewed sub two minute dramas penned and opined by such fondly recalled souls as Helen Love, Heavenly, Shop Assistants, Marine Research, Talulah Gosh and many more besides all come readily to mind. Though that said the frenetic and abrasive teen anthem opener ‘good for nothing’ comes rattling out of the speakers like some agit adorned spike fuelled youthful pooh sticks while catching our affection the softly dinked 50’s bubble grooving demurring ‘I will be’ arrives sweetly spliced and sprayed in honey trimmed harmonies and shuffling riff shimmers. Best of the set though is the parting Heavenly hued ‘Samson’ as it shyly coos with a longing love noted fascination for those Belle and Sebastian types.  http://softpowerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/mamas-boy       

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