a minstrel came out of the meadow

summer passes and the season of death and renewal is upon us as we pass through the Autumn solstice with Samhain fast approaching, what better way to wrap up for the hibernation than with an hour’s worth of wyrd folk recitals courtesy of ‘a minstrel came out of the meadow’ podcast. Gathered here are some of the finest purveyors of musical magicalia scored in ancient dialects, 18 sacrificial sonic lambs for the winter harvest feature within, some known and familiar others as mysterious as the mosaics they murmur. Bewitchment and beguilement await beyond the twilight veil, for here you’ll encounter the frankly near perfect the hare and the moon with the spellcrafting ghostly pagan folk posy ‘the rolling of the stones’ and  the heavenly choral recitals of ‘the call’ by Mervyn Williams with Apollo 5 performing while at the other end of the sonic table lurks Keith Seatman whose frankly odd and decidedly disorientating ‘into the well’ peaks into the back of the Radiophonic cupboard to eke out something much reminiscent of the ghostly desolation once committed to wax by the much missed Stylus for the mighty Ochre imprint albeit here as though tweaked by a super chilled Wagon Christ. Somewhere else Concretism whose debut full length should be with us any day soon, serves up ‘rabies warning’ and with that very much traverses into Zombi / Steve Moore horizons. moments of sheer serene beauty as on Wyrdstone’s spring heeled finitely plucked rustic fancy ‘lost at ty canol’ which aside having us much minded of Fahey chimes deliciously to a deceptively dreamy artistry that recalls that sound sculpture David A Jaycock. Moving further along the dial and sounding not unlike a youthfully bliss kissed flying saucer attack transmitting love note motifs across the lunar voids perches lost trail’s ‘black clearcut forest of damaged polaroids’ while quite something is Emily Jones’ ‘little ghost’ – a forest dwelling fantasia of succulently jubilant flutterby’s crystal tipped in woozy folk mosaics – an utterly beguiling listening experience which among this impressive call to arms figures as the best moment here. Admirers of Dubstar at their most vulnerable will do well not to resist the lunar pop charms of the purring ‘the bailor’ by  frost tipped electro poppers Kid Moxie which acts as a perfect partner for the divinely tear trimmed cosmicalia of the soulless party’s ‘death of an astronaut’. http://www.mixcloud.com/chris-lambert/a-minstrel-came-out-of-the-meadow-artists-from-songs-from-the-black-meadow/

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