One release being eagerly anticipated in our gaff, well a re-release if you must – is L’Augmentation’s utterly beautiful and criminally overlooked ‘Pigalle’. Getting a much deserved limited expanded repackaging by those nice people at Reverb Worship, L’Augmentation were part of a celebrated Birmingham scene that bubbled beneath the radar in the late 90’s that included such notable names as Pram, Avrocar, Plone, Magnetophone, Novak and of course Broadcast to name just a small select few, regularly championed by Mr Peel, their sound drew upon a sepia glazed 60’s vintage that served as the midway point between Keenan and Co and Stereolab (or more so Monade), drizzled in a Francophile flavouring they wore their Gainsbourg / Dutronc fondness on their sleeves crafting out pristine sub three minute noir pop soundtracks. This new packaging simply titled ‘L’Augmentation’ gathers together the long out of print ‘Pigalle’ album along with all the attending Kooky discs singles and their ‘Soleil’ debut for the much missed Pickled Egg imprint (including all the flip sides), bonus session material as well as the rare as hen’s teeth ‘flourish’ which appeared on the limited issue of the St Dunstans Experiment compilation…these days various ex members have been known to appear occasionally as the Bee Men and Betty and the ID….for those with failing memories or previously unaware as to their existence here’s a little nugget from the day entitled ‘Soleil’ which made that years end of year Peel Festive 50……


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