my cat is an alien vs. c stevens

While we try our level best to nab downloads / promos for these – news of two very special releases from those warped and weird trip-a-delicists My Cat is an Alien – first up a triple album set that finds the Opalio brothers forging alliances with C Stevens – no not the Cat which I dare say would have been interesting not least to say apt – but rather more the Belgium based electronic composer Cedric Stevens who for those in the know might be readily more recognised under his Acid Kirk moniker and his recent collaboration with Fennesz. Limited to just 300 copies – across the six sides ‘Abstract expressionism for the ears’ finds these sound art titans sparring to craft an intoxicating listening experience that shifts and shimmers amid serenely snoozing glassy dream weaves to full on deep and heavy galactic dronal tidal which reference wise have them perched upon a sonic axis inhabited by all manner of woozy psychedelics, futurist soundtracks and meditative mosaics whilst simultaneously operating in out there minimalist left field boundary pushing frontiers. In addition – and strictly limited to just 50 art edition double disc copies and available as a standard but lushly packaged 200 only private press, Robert Opalio steps out on his own some with ‘Aurora Coelestis’. Comprising two elongated suites this set promises an experience like no other, applying his self-patented alientronics software and glockenspiels, Mr Opalio etches to wax what the press blurb describes as ’ghostly holy music’. The set as said comes as both your standard 200 private press edition comes housed in a tri fold sleeve and comes hand numbered and stamped replete with three 4×6 photographs taken by Opalio. As to the strictly limited 50 only art edition – incorporates an additional disc (Art Object LP) featuring an acrylic painting by Opalio on one side all hand numbered and signed. Essential I guess.

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