steve rothery

Shh – keep it under you hat and don’t tell anyone but aside being closet Rush admirer as a callow youth, this occurring whilst running with the punk / new wave pack, I was also a tad taken by Marillion, I think if pressed to cough an explanation as to why I’d have happily admitted it was because they sounded so much like Gabriel era Genesis which clearly the Genesis at the time did not this being down to the fact that they were fronted by Collins. Are you keeping up at the back? Anyhow ‘script for a jester’s tear’ still remains a much loved nostalgic trip whenever it comes by our way, so that said there was a raised eyebrow or two when we strayed by sheer accident across this today, the solo outing for Marillion founder member Steve Rothery entitled ‘the ghosts of pripyat’. The album boasts guest appearances from Steve Hackett and Steven Wilson, alas only one track is available to freely hear – the opening cut ‘Morpheus’- a tasty thing it is to which unless ears do deceive should at the very least have those subscribing to the ‘PROG’ magazine literally drooling. 8 minutes of serenely dreamy sonic sculpturing initially shimmering in the gaseous tail smoke of Floydian wooziness before jettisoning off radar to reveal itself something more overtly tender and ripe for after lights lowered listening seduction all classically tethered, intricately crafted and gouged in progian surges which if truth be told had us with an itch to dig out a few lost nuggets by the Enid.   

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