deth omen

With titles like ‘a dream within a nightmare’, ‘diabolic forces’ and ‘pitch black emotions’ you’d be right in thinking that this isn’t promising to be the kind of stuff played at an under 5’s end of semester disco not unless of course the school kids in question happened to either look like twins of those from the village of the damned or worse still went by names such as Deth Omen which as it happens is the name of the creator of this brooding dark dystopia who must have cast an interesting spectacle among the town folk as the youngsters of the neighbourhood tripped up to the door and knocking at the Omen household and asking ‘hello Mrs Omen is Deth coming to Sunday choir service?’. Anyhow we suspect that Mr Omen is the name he / she was born with and that they may reside in Greece, what’s for certain is that this is out via werkstatt recordings and comes pressed upon a cassette of which there are only 5 copies – and two of those have been snapped up. Flavoured in the horrorphonic / sci-fonic landscapes that bookended cult cinematic shockers of the 70’s and 80’s and here we are thinking of the ilk Maniac Cop / they live, Omen cultures a dark side of the Vangelis vibe re-routing the cosmic screenplays of Zombi into brooding noir scarred glimpses into grim futurist visions. From the shadow lined psychosis of the opening ‘a dream within a nightmare’ with its Goblin-esque Fulci scoring to the scorched road oblivion of the cosmic psych ‘death rider’ and the bleak minimalist post punk electronic engineering of ‘pitch black emotions’ with its chilling industrial drudgery drawing a mid way point between Hunan League Mk 1, Front 242 and DAF – there’s much here to engage the most self respecting dark wave purist though that said we here are quite smitten by the parting ‘sentinel’ – the sets sore thumb coming on like a seriously ill intentioned Minty.

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