jo bartlett

Hitting something of a richly alluring pop seam, if opening track ‘dying kiss’ is anything to judge by then the forthcoming full length ‘9×7’ by Jo Bartlett for strikeback records (and surprisingly not Static Caravan which has been her home for many a year) will have many raising an admiring ear for a closer peek. Mind you that said her previous charges Yellow Moon Band were no slouches when it came to crafting mercurial folk fancifulness with prog / cosmic infusions. ‘dying kiss’ finds Bartlett in more romantic inclines and supported by a crystal clear crystal tipped production, breezily caught upon flutter by pastoral posies swirled in spectral trims that demur, blossom and radiate with a shy eyed tenderness, it’s hard to resist and find yourself not succumbing to the spell crafting souring ache yearning throughout – alas no sound links just yet.  

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