minggu pagi

And before you ask, no we have absolutely no information about this next band / musician, so scant is the information that we are hard pressed to say where exactly they hail from, kinda sounds oriental yet laced through in an Icelandic sounding tongue though I’m suspecting it emanates from neither region. Anyhow it’s by Minggu Pagi, ‘mimpi’ be its name prized from an album originally released way back in the summer called ‘Sunday morning EP #1’ – anyhow seductively shoehorned into a delightfully frail and fragile sub three minute sound space, this honey chirps and chimes threaded to a delicately demurred rustic clockwork motif that twinkles with a shy eyed recline over which a sultry recital locks upon your listening lobes and slowly draws you in with its love noted  spell crafted gaze which reference wise – in case you needed them as a starting point – may well be adored by those much admiring of Haruko.  https://soundcloud.com/minggupagi/mimpi-minggu-pagi


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