tereshkova sees us from above

i can wholeheartedly say without fear of being corrected that thus far to date we’ve never had the honour – nay pleasure – of featuring anything tripping out of the locale of Nizhniy Novgorod – in fact up until a day a go I was even aware this Russian locale existed – formerly Gorky until it was rebranded 20 years ago it is – according to the web the fifth major city of mother Russia. And so let us introduce you to Tereshkova Sees us from Above – while I say introduce, we are admittedly winging things here as this collective are pretty much as mysterious as the place they hail from alas providing no information with which to regale you with. Undeterred we suggest you stick with this and let it do its stuff on your hi-fidelity sound system, for their five track debuting ‘EP1’ is a bit of a treat, which mostly defies easy categorization though largely manifests upon a strangely intricate axis piped through with variants of the post rock, jazz and math core species that seriously goes off into left field orbital trajectories that capture the atmospheric kookiness of Bebe and Louis Barron this being best portrayed on the realities dissolving woozy fragmenting psychosis of ‘the shining’ (or is it ‘you don’t look modern enough for me’ as the downloads seem to be out of sequence with the actual soundcloud links) whose abstract psych detailing and general all around unhinged disquiet ventures loosely upon the hallowed grounds of the Banshees’ ‘the scream’ – here emerging from twilight netherworlds an eerie lullaby-esque chill descends woozily pervading the listening spaces in a dislocated gauzing much recalling this heat and the more experimental noodling of Bauhaus’ David J in his younger days. The mathian ‘time for cool stories’ opens the set, a rain drizzled jazz noir gem that would find an easy home on both the foolproof projects and pickled egg imprints, all dissipating sepia tweaked wooziness daubed in dreamlike mirages that had us for the best part recalling the very early loose improv workouts of Japan’s psych prog blues wierdos green milk from the planet orange albeit in some studio face off with kellar with billy mahonie on hand to referee the mellee. ‘carpathian burial party’ follows in similar fashion though this time hooked upon a deliciously obstinate snake winding riff which aside calling to mind Left Hand’s debuting ‘minus 8’ builds with slow purposeful intent until it achieves white hot blister states sounding not unlike some Quickspace sortie rethreading old nuggets from an early Kranky records back catalogue. Elsewhere ‘the shining’ here peppered with the teasingly seldom heard didgeridoo is framed in the kind of splintered art rock crookedness of fracturing time signatures and general all round mischief that one wonders if members of the collective have had their collective headspaces fried having been exposed for long periods to the sounds of a late 80’s New Zealand free noise scene. Frankly we need to hear more.  https://soundcloud.com/tsufaband/sets/ep-1

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