i must admit there wasn’t a lot of hope for this when it fell from its mailing bag to reveal a CD with a nazi stormstrooper idly standing in the background observing from a safe distance a rather buxom and er – naked lady astride the canon of a tank. Not that we here are prudes or part of the PC brigade we just got the sense that this was going to go all horribly Anti Nowhere League / GG Allin on us and not altogether in a good way. Baited breath was the order of the day. Goes to show you that the old adage about judging books and covers is a tried and tested fact for this three track sortie is a bit of a gem. By Hunck the ‘something missing’ EP is to shortly emerge in digital format with a ultra limited cassette version to come early December – a copy of which I want – cough hint cough cough hint hint….each of the trio here reveals a little something different, each giving hint to the wide spectrum and multi generic craft at play in the Hunck sound bunker -opening cut ‘toy trucks’ freewheels to the kind of sublime vintage unworldliness as that engaged by Goodnight Lenin and black ink in recent times, softly stirred in progian undertones subtly spaced out in swirling mirrorballs of cosmicalia there’s much here to have any self-respecting admirer of sepia stained star pop literally all of a swoon – perhaps the finest thing we’ve heard since Pullumair’s ‘Iris’ occasioned our decks some years back.. better still is the quite divine EP title track ‘something missing’ which to these ears had us recalling a super chilled Teenage Fanclub in cahoots with a ‘durable dream’ era Moviola staking out smoked ‘yerself is steam’ era Mercury Rev poses leaving the parting ‘moerbeke’ to round up matters vying for your affections whilst modelling itself on some kind of ultra cool Fantomas meets Shadowy Man on a Shadowy Planet soiree cutting studio shapes to Mancini / Barry mosaics.

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