hiding in the shadows of the churchyard

A veritable feast of subliminal supernatural surrealism stalks your stereophonic Samhain delights with the emergence of the latest transmission from Melmoth the Wanderer courtesy of the 52 minute cauldron gathering that is ‘hiding in the shadows of the churchyard’. Ice dripped in stilled atmospherics sometimes eerie sometimes ethereal at others decidedly haunting, this fantasia of disturbia features an assortment of messages from the beyond, ghostly lullaby recitals, EVP mosaics, phonic residues and path straying weirdness, a world beyond the twilight zone where dreams and nightmares blur in view of the sleeping eye. Amid this unearthly sonic séance the holy see’s infernal ghostly rapping on ‘the playroom’ descends into the kind of glassy spectral environs once upon a time visited upon by Barry Gray not least by way of the end credits to 70’s cult TV classic ‘UFO’ though not before instilling something the dread of every parent. Keith seatman – whose stuff we really must track down given this is the second pod on the bounce to be featured here wherein his strange sound serenades have pricked the ear – with  ‘playing hop the scotch’ appearing from a ghostly haze gauzed in delightfully odd lunar carousels. I’m fairly certain we’ve welcomed the work of the psychogeographical commission in an earlier incarnation of these missives several years ago, here found on this occasion plaguing your listening space with the stilled deathly chill of the sombrely minimalist macabre of ‘the ones who went before’. Purveyors of the strange and unearthly, Wizards tell lies craft imagined soundtracks of doomed Kneale inspired parallel dimension, post apocalyptic visions of events forgotten or more sinisterly hidden from the believing eye, ‘we are in your house’ comes primed and petrified in foreboding terror and bleak grandness (expect lengthy mentions very soon of their last two albums). Those preferring a moment of  salvation from the looming horrors will do well to visit the sepia trimmed neo classicist noir of Leyland Kirby’s simply serene porcelain cut ‘wdtftcs’ while horrorphonic alchemists the unseen step in to lower temperatures with the sparsely set chill shimmer of ‘the empty tube station’ and the implicit order delve into the dark side of Carpenter with the creepy ‘third mind’.  http://www.mixcloud.com/Melmoth_The_Wanderer/hiding-in-the-shadows-of-the-churchyard/  

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