None too sure whether this is commercially available, there’s a download link for the track that much we do know and its culled from a recent appearance at the experimental festival 6 last month, entitled ‘FM4’ its by duo mNIPK who’ve featured too much admiring applause in these very pages in recent times. The collaborative head to head of Alrealon Musique’s Philippe Gerber and Christophe Gilmore forged over a love for electronic music ‘FM4’ finds them delving deep into sub tronic sonics to craft a positive ju-ju jamboree of sound swirled in hypnotic kaleidoscopia and mind warping psychotropics arriving glazed in the rare essences of deep house / trance substances all coiled upon a tick molasses like driving dub drilled underpin rippled in bonged out tribal motifs which in truth sound as though they’ve emerged from the dark side of Tloaton though not before firstly getting a brain spin from the Magic Mushroom Band and a tie dye from the Shamen.

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