wizards tell lies

Yes I know we’ve been promising Wizards Tell Lies action for longer than I care to remember – mentions for their last two albums are imminent (this week as it happens) – for now though care for some, shall we say dread dipped  calm before the storm eeriness, course you do. A horror-phonic Halloween delight, ‘gone’ comes draped in what is becoming something of a trade mark sonic flavouring in the WTL camp, that ability to melodically manifest and freewheel between doomed apocalyptic epitaphs and twilight visitations soured in aching macabre beauty, accentuated by a panoramic crafting, a ghostly shimmer forges and flickers in the dimensional fractures keeping the realities and parallel worlds in stasis, from its core funereal opines glower with a head bowed stillness that howl to the thaw and fall of ancient glacial structures, an overture crafted in  mournful bowed chimes and the hollowing arc of ethereal noise core sheens subdue  the sense of damning despair from which through the spectral haze emerges a delicate drone folk motif stricken in a tear stained resonance which to these well worn ears put us much in mind of such exalted company as godspeed, alphane moon  and a slo-mo version of Flying Saucer Attack.  http://simimansound.bandcamp.com/track/gone  

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