dream lake

Forthcoming single from Swedish duo Isabella Svardstam and Niklas Willar Lidholm who collectively go by the name Dream Lake – this little honey entitled ‘let us stay in the light’ is a bit of a treat, not quite your usual glacial groove that we’ve come to expect and adore from Scandinavian shores but rather more something cosmically enhanced in a styling to which admirers of the emerald and Doreen imprint may well occasion momentarily swoons to when in earshot of. Add to the sonic specifications an 80’s sheen demurred in alluringly tempting and breathlessly radiating mirror balls that pout amid the softly swirled haze of dream pop and you have yourself something succulently bathed in the sighing arrest of Sophie and Peter Johnston albeit cosy toed by the precision pop dialect of Dollar and the Lover Speaks. There’s a video to accompany the track which is embargoed until next week that features motion film footage recorded on super 8 by Niklas’ father way back in the 60’s and acts as a perfect accompaniment to the tracks sweetly glazed hymnal introspection.  https://soundcloud.com/dreamlakemusic/let-us-stay-in-the-light


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