Jagger, Anger, moogs

Perusing the old Mojo magazine as you don’t at 5.30 in the morning following a night nursing an insecure kitten (as in a young feline and not alas some femme fatale – grumbles about which I’m sure you’ll be treated to elsewhere amid this lengthy prose)- I must admit we were nearly at the point of cancelling our Mojo subscription because quite frankly its been as uninteresting of late as watching paint dry – no doubt applied to walls and ceilings by the Mogo staff writers – however the last two editions have rekindled our enthusiasm ever so slightly – agreed it’s more to do with the content than the actual writing – and much like Record Collector you do suspect whether the remaining Beatles’ have shares in it. That said last issue had a Siouxsie retrospective type thing while the current issue features a front page billing for Billy Idol whose new album we are yet to hear. But that dear reader is not the reason why we’ve stopped here, in the ‘what goes on’ section Tim Gane is summoned upon to give account of his favourite platters – no real surprises here – Morbius and Beerholm, Ilitch etc….are the type of things he curates on a superb set by Bureau B (more later) – but track along a little to selection number 4 and you’ll find Mick Jagger’s ‘invocation of my demon brother’ which according to rumour came about when Jagger took delivery of one of the first Moog’s, after a spot of noodling – as you do – Jagger grew bored with his new toy though not before committing to tape this 12 minute curio to backdrop Kenneth Anger’s arty farty shorty ‘invocation of my demon brother’. Now to some this might sound like the nonsence faffing about of someone trying to get some kind of semblage of sound from his new box of tricks and failing miserably to get past the preset mode. Others however will marvel at its minimalist strangeness, it outer worldly oddness and hail it as a remarkable slice of vintage ahead of the curve forward thinking noise electronics doffing its cap to such strange  sound pioneers as Henry and Schaeffer, but then you may however remember its Jagger and swiftly roll eyes, wince, sniff and move on swiftly.

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