I won’t deny that there’s been a degree of heartbreak broken only momentarily by the occasional sound of teeth gnashing disbelief in discovering that the beloved Ptolemaic Terrascope has been reborn anew and in strictly limited sightings has been lovingly pressed and published for the last two years as ‘Terrascopaedia’ – I mean, like what happened – did we fall asleep for a while, receive a bang to the head, go AWOL – three issues have so far escaped our loving attention all now sold out, look Monday’s are bad enough but to discover this so early in the morning at the start of the week is just plain – well – cruel. Of course regular attendees of these excruciating critiques will be all too aware of our fondness for all things Terrascopic, this occasional journal set the benchmark high, scholarly writing, thought provoking despatches not to mention an authoritative guiding hand in to the myriad of sub-worlds existing upon the undiscovered axis’ of the strange pop universe, worlds that bubbled way beneath the radar of the masses – I’d even go further in saying that ‘rumbles’ provided the inspiration for the original ‘Tales from the Attic’ missives that appeared in the early print  copies of Losing Today. And so word now reaches us from afar that plans are currently afoot with issue 4 going into limited production, no news on date or content but you can be rest assured I’m packing up my things in readiness to camp outside that Phil McMullen’s gaff waiting to bag my copy….. http://www.terrascope.co.uk/Merchandise/Merchandise.htm   

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