the deadline shakes

I somehow feel that I’m doing this un a massive disservice not having it piping through some humungous piece of listening furniture powered by national grid sapping valves and sporting a big old time tuning in dial for this babe literally rains the early 70’s. acutely infectious and adorably addictive, this babe has vintage rainbows sprouting all over the shop, one minute Van Dyke Parks, the next a West Coast sound re-imagined through the sepia gauzing of a golden era Walt Disney soundtrack and yes the playful extravagance of Queen in all their off the wall creative pomp – and here we are thinking ‘good old fashioned lover boy’ and ‘somebody to love’- and to round it all up a smidgeon of the craft of Paddy McAloon c. ‘Andromeda Heights’. In short a quick A to Z drive by of all your guilty pleasures shoehorned into a sub four minute pop opera sweetie which at this point we best mention who its by and what it’s called before we run out of space or worse still in all the excitement – forget. By the Deadline Shakes entitled ‘slipping from your heart’- you don’t need me telling you that you need this in your life and sharpish.   

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