trash kit

Here’s another release that has had us puzzling as to where, how and when it came by our way, I’m suspecting we’ve tripped over this on another of those face book postings. Whatever the case this is blistering. It’s by trash kit entitled ‘shyness’ and it comes ripped from their imminent upset the rhythm set entitled ‘coincidence’ which all being well is due to record counter fisticuffs sometime mid-December. Certainly the kind of groove that would have – once upon a time – tripped out of the marquis cha cha and art goes pop sound houses for ‘shyness’ is a tightly wired slab of angular mathian dislocation rippled in intricate riff fractures and blessed with a brass augmented wig flipping schizoid alt funk gouging that could easily see itself sitting amid the foolproof project stable without anyone scarcely batting an eyelid, oh and did we mention it sounds not unlike a mutant collective made up of Delta 5, Au Pairs, Pop Group, native hipsters and the Playwrights types, wickedly obtuse cool groove.  

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