circulatory system

Let me get this right. A CD-record hybrid, one side lathe cut and digitally coded the other analog allowing you to play on both turntables and your standard CD players. Ingenious – I mean aside the fact that we have a generation just over the shock of trying to fit vinyl records into tiny CD trays and measuring vinyl to see if it will fit on their dansette turntable (seriously I kid you not – I actually bore witness to such a conversation some weeks ago – hilarious) – your now going to trust people with a choice – why do I hear car crash loud and clear ringing in my ears. On a lighter note it presents an additional format for the major labels to get hold of and screw you over into buying your record collections all over again – or am I being cynical. Leaders in cutting technologies and purveyors of weird formats – the press release cites such collectable oddities as plexiglass, laser discs, x-rays, mirrors and even picnic plates – PIAPTK (People in a Position to Know) are about to release a series of limited releases produced using this breakthrough format, 22 of them all strictly limited to just 300 copies featuring exclusive cuts from the likes of howe gelb, wooden wand, simon joyner, r stevie moore, spaceface and many more. Each release will come housed in an ECO jacket and will include a specially adapted spider attachment allowing you to play your disc on a turntable. To start the series the first three releases are being primed for release with a projected street date of December 2nd – they will include circulatory system, Jason lytle and great lakes….and they go a lot like this….

Circulatory System should scarcely need introductions here, the Will Cullen Hart fronted combo had us smitten and blown away by 2009’s ridiculously infectious ‘signal morning’. One of the finest alchemists of dayglo pop around, you sometimes suspect that confronted with three minutes of dead air that Hart feels obliged to shoehorn as much content as possible to suffocate the silence and colour the gaps by way of some of the most wilfully obtuse, kookified and surreal psych soaked head trips about. ‘it never made a sound’ proves no exception to the rule, a spot of shade adorning classic era Elephant 6 sound trip-wired to a fuzz framed glam psych chassis whereupon the 50’s bubble grooves blister in a hazy glazing that imagines some late night studio summit meeting gathering together members of flying saucer attack, doleful lions and southall riot.

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