Diddly squat information about this, just an email, the first today as it happens with various sound cloud and you tube links announcing the release of a digital single by Livki or Olivia Anna Livki to give her her full name. even before the track kicked in we here had vague suspicions based on title alone that this might possess Batman connotations – perhaps the Bat girl eye mask was the real give away. ‘dark blonde rises’ is a brooding shakedown, far from tearing up the place it prowls and stalks with a gracefully feline intent smoking sultrily laying it’s spell crafted traps amid a shadowy voodoo grooved landscape once patrolled by the Creatures, the playfully hushed whispers and emotionally frenzied psychotic paranoia hint at a mid-career Polly Jean Harvey while the booming fright wig noir industrial-tronics snarling throughout etch this in a dark glam aura whose blood line traces back to Suzi Q. available via silver scream records.


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