negative panda

There was a time when you could guarantee that this would have been the toast of imprints such as gringo and more specifically Brew, alas these days the latter has ceased to be while the former has appreciably shifted a gear and recalibrated its perspective (Rosy Crucifixion album is on the to do radar). I mention all this because there are times when this ‘un had us fondly recalling the early outings of that fucking tank given that it  strikes a acute balance between classically drilled road blues and feral and frenzied attrition. This then is the debuting single from unsigned Leeds combo Negative Panda who aside dropping us a line to see if we’d care to mention them also boasted the promise of an album in situ currently tucked under their collective arm and primed for turntable action early 2015. The aptly titled ‘bearded man’ is I won’t deny in saying, just what the good doctor ordered, a caustic full on flame thrower the intensity ratcheted up to almost blister forming panic levels by the incessantly skull boring squirrelling cork screwed riffola which literally prowls, stalks and hunts you down across the grooves, its almost Tom Petty bitten by a rabid Jon Spencer all flat lined by a manic Cobain-esque vocal and swaggered by a fiercely choking frantic frenzy of the type that classic era Foo Fighters admirers will dig.

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