the lemons

Eyed this cute thing on a posting, you see nothing escapes our radar even if it does take us half a year to getting around in mentioning it. By the Lemons who the keen eyed among you might well we recall we fell in hopeless adoration of roughly this time last year when a debuting album cassette arrived our way doing strange things on our tape decks. It seems these days they are courting affectionate glances (I’m sure I’ve read somewhere) from those dudes over at Burger records. Anyhow new three track single ‘Lemoncita’ is a whole caboodle of kooky cuteness dimpled in west coast motifs and a buzz popping effervescent not to mention teen shrilled power popped soft psych with a helping of nods to Panda Bear and Olivia Tremor Control which once stirred together has the enviable knack of radiating to the point of planting kaleidoscopic rainbows all over your listening space.

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