taylor locke

I’ll have four sugars with this please. I’ll admit not our normal kettle of fish but something I guess you could easily file under the guardianship of a guilty pleasure either that or somewhere in the last five minutes we’ve momentarily lapsed into slumber and awoken to find ourselves time tunnelled back to the 70’s where endless summers and flock wallpaper vie for affection. But all said there is an incurably infectious tug pulling you towards the debut single from ex Rooney man Taylor Locke for ‘time stands still’ sprouts feel good rainbows at every turn as it bounces you space hopping upon an audacious power popping cuteness that peels effervescently to a 70’s era Beach Boys honeyed in sun fried west coast motifs all daubed with the type of flighty retro soul grooving more occasioned by the likes of the Panda Gang, the Heartstrings and the Brigadier and something which you feel inclined to dig out your summer best for which as it happens we have though now feel foolish standing in the garden freezing our tats off with the ironing board under our arm doubling as a makeshift surf board – not recommended when its Arctic conditions outside I can tell you. Oh yea it also comes with a ridiculously daft video promoting the joys of coach car ownership – damn got to get myself one of those babies –  oh and it’s called ‘running away from love’

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