johnny thunders

A quick note from pipeline pedro (woah hold on wasn’t that a character from Blondie’s ‘rapture’ – of course I’m playing with your head and teasing) of remarquable stuff records alerting us of the imminent release of an EP featuring previously unreleased versions of Thunders groove – that’ll be Thunders as in Johnny. ‘real times’ be its name, it getting a release end of November – which I’m suspecting is – am I right in saying – Black Friday Record Store Day – I can’t keep up with these promotions these days. Anyhow 1000 copies on red (UK) and blue (USA), the set features 4 cuts produced by Lillywhite c.1978 comes replete with a poster and a photo coaster download card – looks quite spiffing if you ask me. Those of you nonplussed by the enthusiasm ought to check out the sneak pre teaser clip below of ‘(give her a) great big kiss’ which if anything comes adored in sumptuous 50’s styled teen purred traces of shh bop beat recalling the likes of Eddy Cochran and Alex Chilton. On our wants list that much I know is true.

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