we rarely do this – but a repeat posting mainly due to the fact that we had a kind of typo issue on the original which hopefully has now been sorted… a side note Dan West is – we’ve just noticed – the guitarist out of Sidewalk Society – would that be the same Sidewalk Society who’ve released some spiffing things on Fruits de Mer we wonder…..

If it weren’t for our feckless nature and incurably consistent talent for mislaying / losing and indeed forgetting about various downloads issued our way then we’d have gotten to this far sooner. LoveyDove pairs the collective talents of Azalia Snail and Dan West who together appear to have discovered lost song sheets packed with unfinished Bacarach scores or else cracked the theorem of time travel and haplessly crash landed in the late 60’s. Exploring some lost golden age of sound, the two sublimely fuse baroque pop with lounge, Francophile groove and flowery twee to creating woozy and fuzzy netherworlds. There’s a self-titled album about that we suspect we need to hear before we get very much older. Until then and for now we’ve been smitten in to surrender by a cut featured in the movie Space Station 76 entitled ‘less is never more’ which deliciously circumnavigates the  sonic worlds of Le Mans, L’Augmentation, Stereolab and the Sound Carriers and takes them on a mind morphing dreamy trip aboard a bliss kissed kitschy kaleidoscopic exotica pop magic carpet. Donning cosmic caps ‘luka fisher’ by contrast is haloed in a bubble grooved wrapping tripped upon a motoric underpin and silkily traced in an affectionately sultry strutting euro pop motifs that imagines a supercharged Space from the 70’s re-entering earth orbit to dock with Air. Assuming a soft psych shade adorned stroll much recalling of both Southall Riot and the criminally underappreciated Freed Unit ‘lou reed (don’t leave)’ which as the title hints is a tribute to the late Velvets man, this babe coming kissed with a delicately shimmering fuzziness that nods to the Jeffersons albeit as though rephrased by the Haight Ashbury. Adored in short.



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