Seesawing between enchantment and edginess, East London based trio Rubato arrived amid our listening space with an attaching press blurb promising ‘sounds like nothing you’ve heard’. Brave words with which to pitch up your tent up to, and it could have gone all horribly wrong as these things have a tendency to do if it weren’t for the small detail that ‘prelude with attitude’ is attached with a neo classical accoutrement spliced in elements of tension grizzled industrial grind simmered and sweetened by flotillas of musical mosaics whose trip hop tongue and symphonic wherewithal draws upon a lineage that sits somewhere upon the territorial family tree branch where at one end you might be inclined to find Moby whilst at the other Barry Adamson. struck with an unnerving sense of poise, elegance and magicalia on the evidence of this cut we suspect we need to hear more.

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