vicious buzz

We have, you won’t be too surprised to hear or read, managed to empty our heads and memory of exactly where or how we tripped across this. So while we try a spot of mind scouring visual following our tracks back type thing – no doubt meaning we’ll get lost somewhere along the line – so if all goes quiet shortly – send for rescue – here’s a little something by the Vicious Buzz of whom we have absolutely diddly information about (until that is we manage to nail either that errant email or recall where indeed we picked up the link)  – this we suspect falling off an album – track 3 as it happens entitled ‘in the air’. Alas no sound clips with which to share but safe to say we here a more than a tad smitten not least because this orbital love note appears to seductively freefall into the vapour trails of a cruise controlled pulsar craft navigated by Beatglider and assumes the kind of shimmering soft sheen cool that one suspects at least one number among their collective ranks has a secret stash of Homescience platters hidden for inspiration. Add the dreamy chill tipped nocturnal glow that bathes it and the incurably delicately affectionate yearn rippling from its core and I guess you could call it a slow burner.   

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