silver apples

Shortly about to embark on a European tour wherein he’ll be showcasing material from his 2015 pencilled ‘the Alabama sessions’, Simeon Coxe will be taking the Silver Apples experience to the road this December, the occasion marked by the release of a limited tour 7 inch. This babe comes pressed on green wax and will be available to purchase at the tour dates in person or via Enraptured records mail order service. The set gathers together two choice cuts of ethereal groove, one a demo cut of a newly laid cut the other a live rendition of an old classic. One of the legendary keystones and original building blocks of electro hypno groove, ‘oscillations’ first appeared in the late 60’s, here captured live and immortalised on vinyl it still sounds fresh / contemporary and above relevant with the intervening five decades showing no signs of dulling its lustre, moreover still sounding eerily ahead of the curve as though from another sonic dimension foretelling the arrival of krautrock, techno, Suicide, Joy Division and Sonic Boom from its silver age space capsule. New cut ‘missin’ you’ veers very much into Kraftwerk territories albeit kookily dashed with candy floss and wearing a kiss me quick hat whilst waltzing about on distant  celestial promenades aglow with the pulsing hum of electroid Beach Boys lullabies shaped by mirthful melody marauding nanobots.    

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