de staat

Sounding not unlike some lost Lee and Nancy slice of voodoo groove shepherded away through the thumbing through of lost Waits manuscripts, new thing by Dutch combo De Staat entitled ‘down town’ comes pulled from an EP (‘Vinticious Versions’) for cool green recordings and finds them reworking a handful of cuts from their three album strong back catalogue and re-appraising them in a newly forged sonic landscape. Much like the imagined face down between Cave’s Bad Seeds and Mick Harvey. ‘down town’ arrives blooded upon a Lynchian styled brooding, a shadow forming preacher man groove sways with a slinky dead eyed noir tasting tipped in darkly grounded blues accent all trimmed delicately in a late night smoky jazz glazing replete with prowling twang arpeggios and momentary apertures of divine dreaminess. Does it for us.

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