A lovely little email from Minko who you may recall sometime last year (around this time as it happens) featured in these very pages with the strangely beguiling ‘creature’ / ‘sybil of Delphi’ and who having recently relocated to Cornwall leaving London behind had garnered the praise and support of no less a talent as Nick Duffy – brother of Stephen (Lilac Time). Following a rather quiet year Minko is now set to break cover with a new double A side single ‘I miss you tomorrow’ and ‘Mrs Magpie’. The former a dinky delight about missing someone you haven’t met yet courts upon a delicately demurring breezy tailwind whereupon its scoots through with such alarming allure to whittle out a rather frisky slice of sparsely crafted twee folk that hand holds skipping light headedly lost in dreamy pastures traced upon a bittersweet 60’s styled French pop bouquet that imagines Le Mans fronted by France Galle translating lost scores by the Sundays. However as flirty and attractively addictive ‘I miss you tomorrow’ is it’s the flip cut that had us a purring not least given over to the fact that ‘mrs magpie’ inhabits the kind of strange misty faraway netherworlds that link and sew both Susan Christie and Linda Perhacs into the colourful tapestry of femme folk along with Laura J Martin and in so doing set her aside as a musician uniquely gifted by a creative spirit that always manages to be ahead of her peers and already on the next page with this bewitching and spectral wood carved  rustic posy drawing you close with its hushed and intimate invitation daubing your monochrome listening days in vivid pastoral washes all showered in nursery rhyme enchantment.

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