the non noncomformists

I suspect sometime shortly before the Christmas shenanigans arrive that there will be a rather rousing festive tales from the attic lurking in cyberspace literally bulging with seasonal sentiment, the odd misplaced chord and the occasional barbed ditty, I mean there are only so many times you can listen ‘merry Xmas everyone’ before the dread spectre of your hidden dark half takes hold and control and proceeds to kick and punch the household sound system to destruction. If this sounds like you – yes you over there at the back – fearing brain rot from the endless cheerless loop of yesterday Christmas’ in the shape of slade, wizard, shaky and wham et al while all you crave is sparse minimalism and a sonic adulation of the true Christmas spirit, then fear not my weary listening discipline for we might just have what the good doctor ordered. Admired around these here parts, the Non Nonconformists – remember them from a little earlier when we raved over their debut full length – has just eked out their own Christmas sortie with a 6 second – well in truth – 1 second – eat your heart out Extreme Noise Terror. Anyhow whether some mischievous commentary upon the nation’s current austere programme or else a new form of musical species that scribes from the Wire are currently planning to lay claim to naming like say ‘unconcretism’ and into the bargain following it up with a three half page unreadable diatribe one thing we do know is that it saves from the tedium of tears, trinkets and turntable terror – but do remember not to blink.




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