Seriously I lose track of these things, so if forced down with hands tied behind my back and subjected to tickle torture I’d be inclined to say that I’m fairly certain we’d encountered Scandinavian indie pop heroes Honeymilk in previous despatches. Second EP ‘Sanguine Skies’ is just out – or at least about to emerge coinciding with a short UK tour. From that EP ‘a scene in between’ has been sent ahead on reconnaissance sounding for all the world as though it’s just been dropkicked from the mid 90’s and arriving to do bad things across your turntable with the kind of pristinely turned sassy swagger of a youthful Charlatans gone wayward after sneaking lessons from Primal Scream, Soup Dragons and the Roses whilst arming themselves to a subtle though acutely infectious soft psych soul rubbing built upon a rolling and smoking underpin all kissed off with a rousing anthemic fanfare. What more could you possibly ask for. Quite possibly the coolest thing we’ve heard all day. https://soundcloud.com/honeymilkband/a-scene-in-between

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